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Released by Entropy Anomaly 28 OCTOBER 2020

The third single from the forthcoming album is out now.

A celebration of all the complications and absurdities of modern life and love. 

"The song was written in an attempt to see all the daily insanity in a positive way and to escape all the dark clouds building in my mind. Appreciating simply being alive and in the moment. Understanding that doubt can be used as a creative force.


I believe in a song being a journey, discovering things as the track progresses, I prefer not to reveal all the elements on the first chorus, I like to keep building. The tracks I love are always ones where you can find nuances and variations the more that you listen."

Vocals recorded/engineered at The Premises London by Curtis Elvidge.

Assisted by Louis Millburn.

Mixed by Blinken.

Cover image: Stone Collages


Life : consisting of parts intricately combined
Love: difficult to analyse, understand, or explain.


Complementary download of the accompanying images and lyrics here.

"...using doubts as energy

Find new ways to disagree..."

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