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And it seems to me 
Your room has grown crowded with enemies
And I watch you shining there
In company and on your own

And it seems to me
Your beauty's been working against you
And all the doors that open
Are not the doors you should walk through


And they said so many things
A girl could trip and fall
If she heard them all
They said so many things to you


Time to step inside your own skin
And start living the truth.


And I don't know for how long
Can you count on them
And I don't know for how long
Will they stay your friends


Don't know for how long
Why can't you see
Your room grows crowded

With enemies.

And when I run into the room
I see the walls are closing in
But these walls were of your making
So I ignore them

Until they squash me thin
Squeeze my mind and bleed me dry
I'll find a place to hide inside
And design my own little room

But this room is getting bigger
And sometimes my friends are there
Laughing and chatting
Or wringing their hands in despair

I tell them this room is big enough for everyone
But still they look forlorn
They miss the old familiar prisons
And the darkness before the dawn

Well “What is wrong with me?” I say
But they have too many answers 
So maybe one day I will tell them
All the flaws that make me love them

Some people are fading slowly from view
But few could ever shine like you.

I'll go outside in a minute
And make this phone call
Give them the space
To make me feel small

Silver dress weighs heavy on your skin
Frustrated unless the sun was shining.

© Tobias Zaldua

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