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He catches the train
Takes out his phone
Places it down 
With a laptop

Puts down his coffee cup
Opens the laptop up
Switches on
Switches on

And all the water covers the flatlands 
And the sheep are long gone
And silhouettes of houses 
Line the horizon

And it's beautiful
The trees flash by
Against purple skies

Now his office is breathing
Deep inside his phone
Making infinite problems
For him to take home

His office covers the countryside
Expands worldwide
And so do I

Now the train picks up speed
It rocks from side to side
He's still not looked up
Puts down his coffee cup

All the trees flash by
It's beautiful
And so am I

Now the sun set fire to the leaves
Darkens the trees
On this cinema screen
Called reality

All the trees flash by
It's beautiful.

And with that smile that set her eyes alight
She pulled her hair away from her neck
And pulled it down one side
She says

“You're beautiful, you're beautiful

and so am I”

And who was I to compromise
To act all shy
This memory haunts me
Why did I try to avert my eyes?

From this dark-eyed girl
This long lost friend
This time will never come round again.

Two sisters were singing
In close harmony
My friend had found an old book of poetry

And trees flash by
It's beautiful
And so am I

Trying to understand you
Has worn me out
There is no destination
Only the journey

So I'll take the side streets
Before the light fails
Steal the show 
And light matches as I go.

All the dark-eyed girls
And long lost friends

© Tobias Zaldua

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