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 Driving, night

 This is my time

 Reality here is

 All flowing lines


 The moon is large and low

 And the sun still glows

 On buildings passing to my right

 On the left it's low tide


 And in the distance

 The shoreline

 Glitters and shines

 Been convincing myself 

 All possibilities are mine


 Frequencies will combine

 The universe will align

 The curse is reversed

 Yea, this is my time


 Now the door swings inward 

 From the gathering night

 Casts the last shapes of sunlight

 As the waves rise outside


 All the lovers, the couples,

 Outlined in perfection

 All the windows switch on

 Their interior reflections


 She glows and shines

 This illusion is mine

 I turn in a dream 

 And she seems to call to me

 She says



 Push for the stars

 With driverless cars

 With your

 Wi-Fi on Mars


 But please keep me in mind

 When you leave your soul behind


 Now the door swings shut

 Like the sound of my reality 

 Finding it's boundaries early

 Kisses me hello to the left to the right

 There's something I've forgotten to ask

 And outside the night

 Pushes up against the glass


 So who's this

 Approaching behind me?

 All slouch, all rock and roll

 He's who she's here to see


 I'm a fool in the scenery,

 A sideshow,

 A confection,

 Here to give her a little extra attention.


 So, let down your guard

 Like lovers in cars

 Like breathing on Mars

 Now I'll peel away your skin

 And let the heartache in


 Cover my disappointment

 Hide my impatience

 Painting my pain 

 Into a light shade of conversation


 Like I knew all along

 I was singing to her song

 A verse in a melody

 Looking for harmony



 How could I be so wrong? 

 Hey, how could I be so wrong?

 But please keep me in mind

 When he leaves your soul behind


 Now he's leaning in

 My universe imploding

 But she's barely responding to him

 'Cause we were talking

 He's interrupting


 Did her eyes meet mine?

 Do the stars still shine?

 Did the universe align for one

 Split second in time?


 So the hours slip past

 And the tide rolls in

 And now I'm driving home

 As the rain sets in


 I wind down the window

 And the night rushes in

 Tears and rain

 Soak into my skin.


 © Tobias Zaldua 2017

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