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Tobias Zaldua is an English musician and filmmaker. His particular interests are music, documentary, and drama, and in finding the emotional resonance in a variety of material from hand-held concert footage to high-end studio work.


Brought up in a household without a television his reference points were BBC Radio 4 which was pretty much all speech and drama, and occasionally borrowing the only radio in the house to listen to the chart on Radio 1. When the Electro Street Sounds LP was released in the UK he and his friends would create mix tapes out of speech samples and electro beats using twin tape decks with a third deck for overdubs. Successful sections of these cassettes would be compiled using a razor blade and sellotape.

During the 2020 lockdown Tobias has been returning to his roots writing for on-line art magazines and composing soundscapes for the multimedia art project “Imaginary Friends In Isolation”. The project is ongoing with an album and exhibitions to follow.

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